LGBT SportSafe SAAC Challenge Press Release

By February 21, 2018LGBT SportSafe

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the LGBT SportSafe SAAC Challenge today. The SAAC Challenge launches in partnership with 20 colleges and universities committed to creating an inclusive athletic culture for student-athletes, coaches and administrators.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representatives from LGBT SportSafe member institutions kicked off the challenge by creating a short video sharing what being LGBT SportSafe means to them and why inclusion is important. Each video has a creative element in which SAAC leaders had to follow certain guidelines, such as playing a sport or musical instrument, while producing the video to show LGBT student-athletes are more than just a label.  

Additionally, in the spirit of friendly competition, most schools challenged up to 3 rival institutions to join the movement to create a more inclusive sport culture. The community can vote for their favorite SAAC video on the SAAC Challenge website by clicking the “Cast Your Vote” button next to each video today until Friday, March 30th. The school with the most votes at the end of March will win the 2018 LGBT SportSafe SAAC Challenge Award.

The Spring 2018 inaugural cohort of 20 institutions challenged 55 rival institutions to join the LGBT SportSafe SAAC Challenge. To accept the challenge, schools being challenged who qualify for the LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program must join the program, develop a strategic plan to improve the athletic department culture and create a video for the challenge. Schools that accept the challenge will be a part of the Fall 2018 cohort.

“Ultimately, we hope the LGBT SportSafe SAAC Challenge will create an inclusive culture led and driven by our student-athletes. This is an opportunity for the entire athletic community to come together in the spirit of healthy, friendly competition,” said LGBT SportSafe Co-founder, Nevin Caple. “Many athletic administrators are trying to take a more sustainable approach to inclusion and we set out to provide the educational tools, resources and collaborative partnership to help them reach their goals.”

The LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program was founded to create an infrastructure for athletic leadership to support LGBTQ inclusion in college and professional sports. LGBT SportSafe launched in partnership with University of Oregon, Northwestern University and University of Nebraska, using a new framework, the 3-Peat Model, to help administration champion a culture of respect and inclusion.



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LGBT SportSafe Spring 2018 Inaugural Cohort

Binghamton University

Bowie State University

DePauw University

Fayetteville State University

Northwestern University

Pace University

Shaw University

Soka University

Stony Brook University


UMass Lowell



University of Albany

University of California, Berkeley

University of Hartford

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