Making the World of Sport Safe for All

LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program was developed to create an infrastructure for athletic administrators, coaches and recreational sports leaders to support LGBTQ inclusion in college, high school, and professional sports.

Why LGBT SportSafe?


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LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program utilizes a new benchmarking framework, the 3-Peat Model, to help athletic leadership champion a culture of respect and inclusion. The 3-Peat Model addresses the importance of Programming, Policy and Public Awareness at all levels of sport, while offering incentives to institutions, teams and leagues that reach inclusion goals.


Inclusive policies ensure all members of the athletic community are valued and respected


LGBT inclusion training for athletic administrators, coaches and recreational sports leadership is essential to creating a healthy, respectful and effective  foundation to support student-athletes

Public Awareness

Public-facing inclusion initiatives help members of the athletic and recreational sports communities understand the LGBTQ experience

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LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program Benefits

LGBT SportSafe Medallion to show the community you are a champion of LGBTQ equality. Medallions are awarded based on reaching specific inclusion goals. 

All members listed in the LGBT SportSafe National Registry of inclusive athletic communities.

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Why LGBT SportSafe?

Administrators play an integral role in creating a climate of respect for LGBTQ student-athletes. As many institutions create inclusion videos, it is equally as important to provide training to educate coaches, athletic administrators and recreational sports staff on best practices and policies in creating an LGBTQ inclusive athletic community

Athletes have received verbal slurs
Athletes find homophobia worse in sports than society
Youth want hate crimes to cover gender and sexual orientation
Athletes witnessed or experienced homophobia in sports

LGBQ student-athletes generally experience a more negative climate than their straight peers, which adversely influences their athletic identities and reports of academic success.

LGBQ student-athletes reported lower scores on four climate variables:

  • Perceptions of Climate

  • Perceptions of Respect

  • Athletic Department Addresses Discrimination

  • Diversity Leadership from Athletic Personnel

Many of us know or love someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and queer or questioning. Student-athletes, coaches and athletic administrators of all sexual orientations are seeking inclusive athletic communities to call home.


LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program

Bronze Medallion

Shows Intention
  • Programming: Inclusion training for coaches and administrators scheduled to be completed in the next 1-2 academic years
  • Policy: Actively researching inclusive policies
  • Public Awareness: Conceptualizing project

Silver Medallion

Actively Engaged
  • Programming: Inclusion training for coaches and administrators in progress or scheduled to be completed within 2016-17 academic year
  • Policy: Actively researching/developing inclusive policies
  • Public Awareness: Project scheduled

Gold MedallionLGBT Inclusive

Committed to Inclusion
  • Programming: Inclusion training for coaches and administrators completed; cyclical training every 2-3 years
  • Policy: Updated policies to include protections for LGBTQ student-athletes and coaches
  • Public Awareness: Project scheduled or completed

Founders Club

Early Leaders
  • Help set a new standard for inclusion in sport
  • The first two institutions in a conference or state to get approved for LGBT SportSafe membership will be eligible for Founders Club.
  • Be part of an elite group of institutions that have shown an early commitment to LGBTQ inclusion in sports.

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Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

Nelson Mandela

I am not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.

Jackie Robinson

Having different people come together and be on a team and win a world championship is literally, I think, the definition of being American.

Abby Wambach

I was certain that my world would fall apart if anyone knew. And yet when I acknowledged my sexuality I felt whole for the first time.

Jason Collins

Everyone has people in their lives that are gay, lesbian or transgender or bisexual. They may not want to admit it, but I guarantee they know somebody.

Billie Jean King

I think when you hear homophobic chants or slurs in stadiums, the people behind that aren't always homophobic but just part of a culture that is all about the ‘pack’.

Robbie Rogers

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