Alumni, Boosters, Athletic Administrators, Coaches, Students, Faculty, Staff, Prospective Recruits: Email the template below to invite athletics or recreational sports leadership at your favorite institution to join the LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program:

Dear (use titles below to find contact information for key decision-makers):

  • Intercollegiate Athletics: Athletic Director; Student-Athlete Development Administrator; Life Skills Coordinator; Academic Advisor
  • Recreational Sports: Director; Assistant Director
  • Professional Sports Team or Club: General Manager; President; Chief Marketing Officer
  • Professional Sports League: Commissioner; SVP; Inclusion Officer
  • High School Athletic Department: Athletic Director; Principal
  • Professional Organization or Association: CEO; Executive Director; Chief Operations Officer

Opening: I would like to share the new groundbreaking LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program, founded to help athletic administrators, coaches and recreational sports staff champion a culture of respect and inclusion in college and professional sports. The program uses the 3-Peat Model to address the importance of programming, policy and public awareness, while offering incentives to institutions that reach inclusion goals.

Optional Body: (include your personal story as straight ally or LGBTQ individual and why this program is important to you)

Closing: I would like for (Institution) to join the LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program to help create a safe and welcoming environment for all LGBT student-athletes, coaches, administrators and staff. Additionally, this program will help increase external visibility around (institution) efforts to advance inclusion. I have attached the program activation guidelines with next steps. Please visit the LGBT SportSafe website at and complete the contact form to begin the membership process.

Enclose/Attach: Activation Guidelines

LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program: Activation Guidelines

Step 1: If you are a key decision-maker in college athletics, recreational sports or professional sports, visit and complete the contact form at the bottom of the homepage

Step 2: LGBT SportSafe representatives will contact you to schedule a 30-minute conference call to discuss the program and your institutions inclusion efforts

Step 3: If eligible, your institution or team will be invited to complete the application process for program approval

Step 4: Once approved for the LGBT SportSafe Inclusion Program, your institution will be awarded full benefits along with a Gold, Silver or Bronze medallion for the athletic department or recreational sports department website. Professional sports teams will receive a medallion for the team or league website.
Note: The first two institutions in each conference to get approved for LGBT SportSafe membership will be eligible for Founders Club, an elite group of institutions that have shown an early commitment to LGBT inclusion in sports

  1. LGBT SportSafe Toolkit: Download Email Template
  2. LGBT SportSafe Toolkit: Download Activation Guidelines